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What is a design?

A design refers to the outward appearance of a product or its part. A product refers to goods as well as packages, the outward appearance of packages, graphic symbols and fonts produced industrially or by handwork. The reformed Finnish Registered Designs Act also defines a multipart product, that is, a product which can be disassembled and reassembled. A part of such multipart product is granted protection only as far as it is visible during the normal use of the product. According to the new Act, it is also possible to protect an inseparable part of a product, for example, the neck part of a bottle. In that case, the neck part of the bottle is granted protection regardless of the shape of the bottle in which it is made. Products with an outward appearance determined only by technical aspects cannot be protected and neither can connection pieces.

The regulations concerning multiple registration were amended in such a way that the application may comprise an unlimited number of designs if the products stated in the application belong to the same class in accordance with the Locarno Agreement (e.g. 50 different mobile phones). The design right covers all the designs of which a conversant user does not get a different overall impression. For example, a mobile phone protected as a design also covers a toy or candy of the same design as the mobile phone in question. The earlier Act limited protection to only those goods for which the design was registered and similar goods (belonging to the same class).

Design applications:

Four sets of pictures or drawings of the design, reproducible in black and white, maximum size 21 cm x 29,7 cm.
Power of Attorney
Assignment deed
Information required:

– full name, domicile ad address of applicant and creator
– statement of goods and international classes
– priority data
– information whether postponement of the publication is wanted.
Postponement of publication obtainable for maximum 6 months from application date or priority date respectively.

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