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Before introducing a new brand, it is highly recommended to do a background check on registrability and availability of the proposed mark.

Leitzinger Oy has a solution for your needs. Our namecheck-service is a fast and cost-effective way of making sure that you don’t run into trouble with your new brand.

The service includes a comprehensive report and our attorney’s analysis on the registrability and availability of your proposed trademark in the countries you choose to search.

Thanks to the analysis, you will gain invaluable information on various different factors which might affect the registrability of your mark, such as:

  • registered similar trademarks
  • reserved domains
  • linguistic analysis

On top of all this, our attorney will analyze the results, produce an overview of the situation and give simple and concise recommendations on how to proceed.

The Namecheck-service is sold with a flat fee of 250 € (VAT 0%) regardless of the number of countries or classes so you don’t need to stress about any hidden costs or your budget getting out of hand.

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