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Leitzinger Oy, an expert in innovation consulting and patenting, and Kaulo & Partners Oy, a law firm specializing in brand rights, intellectual property infringements and contracts, have entered into a partnership agreement starting from June 1, 2023.
This partnership takes a different approach from the conventional service model in the industry, i.e., aiming to provide all IP-related services under one roof. The IPR field is demanding, and special expertise is needed. Through the partnership, we can leverage each company’s unique strengths to better serve our clients. “It’s essential to excel in what you’re truly good at. Full service can also be achieved through a partnership model, where one plus one equals more than two. At its best, a good partnership generates exponential added value for our clients as well,” Jorma Leitzinger, CEO of the traditional and almost 90-year-old family business Leitzinger, describes the co-operation with Kaulo & Partners in brand right matters. “This way, both companies can continue to focus on own core expertise, and to be the best experts in the field, without having to make internal choices about which expertise and services should be invested the most in the future. Usually, in these considerations, the most commercially profitable unit takes all the attention”, Jani Kaulo, founder and managing partner of Kaulo & Partners, explains the advantages of the partnership model.

Specializing − for better service

Leitzinger and Kaulo & Partners set an example of how competing companies in the same industry can collaborate on patent, trademark, and other IPR assignments, combining their own strengths. Both companies recognize the complexity of the IPR field and the need for specialized services. Additionally, both companies are at the right stage in their life cycle to initiate this partnership. “We founded Kaulo & Partners in August 2021 because we wanted to offer better service to companies that see brand rights as a strategic part of their business and want to invest in increasing their value. Previously, there was no law firm specializing in brand rights in Finland that would act as a strategic partner in long-term and proactive cooperation with brand owners. We need a deep expert in patenting and innovation development as our partner, someone who thinks about serving clients in the same way. Leitzinger is such a partner,” Jani Kaulo adds. When brand holders have a need to protect not only their brand but also their innovations and technology, Leitzinger serves as a patent expert for Kaulo & Partners’ clients. In addition to traditional patent services, Leitzinger can also provide services to enhance innovation activities. Respectively, Leitzinger relies on Kaulo & Partners’ legal expertise in brand right matters, dispute resolution, and drafting contracts. Leitzinger has been purposefully renewing its own business strategy for more than three years with its Innovation on Demand® service model. “We have increasingly clearly identified our own strengths and our passion to help companies target and optimize their product development and make knowledge-based patent decisions to ensure and maintain competitiveness. To be able to serve our clients even better with our own strengths, we have made the strategic decision to direct assignments related to trademarks, domain names, and contracts to Kaulo & Partners, instead of recruiting new resources, which we would otherwise need now when our own key trademark experts are retiring, says Jorma Leitzinger.

Together, we are more

The initiation of the collaboration has also been driven by the shared values. Both companies emphasize respect for both colleagues and clients, the quality of work, personal and cost-effective service, as well as open, straightforward, relaxed, and easy communication.


Jorma Leitzinger, Partner & CEO, Leitzinger Oy,, phone +358 400 437 811

Jani Kaulo, Managing Partner, Kaulo & Partners, Licensed Legal Cunsels, Ltd., phone +358 40 637 5442 


Leitzinger is a third-generation Finnish family business founded by Edward Leitzinger in 1935. The company’s core competence is innovation and the related IP protection. The company is a service team of ca. 20 experts, covering various fields of technology from electrotechnology to mechanics, automation, and chemistry. The slogan “Our Passion is to Add Value to Your Intellectual Assets” describes the idea that intangible assets should not be considered as an expense and burden for the company, but as an empowering investment and enabler.


Kaulo & Partners is a Finnish boutique law firm specializing in trademarks and other brand rights as well as contracts. We act proactively and in long-term as our clients’ strategic partner to increase the value of brand rights. We assist our clients in any matters related to trademarks and other brand rights with a strategic and proactive approach. Furthermore, we assist our clients in various matters related to infringements and commercial agreements. We provide our clients with an industry-unique digital tool for managing their brand rights and contract portfolios efficiently.

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