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Flat Rate EP filing

230  (VAT 0%)

For filing and prosecution of european patent applications

Advantages for attorneys

  • Quick and simple bidding for tenders
  • Fewer invoices to process
  • Predictable costs – you can invoice your client in advance to lower your risk

Advantages for your clients

  • Minimized risk of unexpected expenses
  • Stable and predictable cash flow – easy budgeting
  • No payments or refunds after instructions to abandon or after grant of a patent

From filing to grant of a patent, you only need to pay:

  • Official fees of filing (filing, search, examination, designation and claims fees)
  • Monthly flat rate 230 €
    • Invoiced for every 12 months by default, at filing and each anniversary of the application
    • Can be changed to billing on hourly basis at the end of any invoicing period

Included in pricing

  • Preparation for filing and filing of the application
  • Reporting office actions
  • Drafting responses to office actions based on your instructions
  • Telephone negotiations with examiners
  • Handling of oral proceedings during examination
  • Renewal fees and payments thereof
  • Grant fee, Publication fee and payments thereof
  • Translation of claims to official languages

Not included in pricing

  • Procedures outside of normal prosecution of the application, e.g.
    • divisional applications
    • revival procedures related to the client’s failure to observe a time limit
  • Procedures after the grant or refusal, e.g.
    • national validations, oppositions, appeals

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